In Goblit you guide a 'Goblit' Through a series of random mazes, collecting all of the dots and dodging hazards within.


I mainly joined the GMTK Game Jam, and made this game, for fun! I know it isn't very good but I did try and make it better than my last game-jam gam! This is now officially the Second small game I've made with Godot! =)


All of the assets were created by me, with the exception of the font for the 'SCORE' and 'TIME' text, which was made by castpixel, which was posted on twitter. I'm pretty sure I can use it since the tweet says 'Use them in any projects, no attribution necessary' 


The game does use the theme 'Out Of Control' but admittedly it uses it in a pretty weak way.  Most of the games maps, and some visuals, come and go at random intervals, so it is out of my, or any players' control what combination you get. Again, really weak, but it was something I knew I could do. The game-play is VERY similar to pacman, which I wanted to dice-up and change around, but I ended up not having enough time for that ;w;


Download 16 MB


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Our favourite game of the GMTK Game Jam 2020! 

Well, thank you! =)

I know it isn't the greatest thing ever but I think it's definitely an improvement from my last gamejam game =D