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Congratulations, You've been promoted!

To... Collision Controller! That's right, your new job will be to protect the public by deciding who can go where, and when, to avoid any car-based collisions!




[You can toggle traffic lights by Left-Clicking on them]



GREEN LIGHTS - When the light is green cars will keep driving past the light.
RED LIGHTS - When the light is red cars will stop at the light until it is green.

Keep cars moving, but keep people safe. Each time someone successfully crosses you'll get 500 points! But sometimes it will be best to stop people for their safety.

But you can't keep the lights on red for too long.

As long as you keep traffic running smoothly, most drivers shouldn't mind. But if you wait too long their patience will thin. You can see this through different emotions emanating from the cars, which will change depending on how long the car has been stopped.

SAD - when a car gets 'sad' you will lose 50 points every two seconds it is sad.
ANGRY - when a car gets 'angry' you will lose 100 points every two seconds it is angry.
REMEMBER: Don't let cars hit pedestrians!
Don't let cars clash! If two cars collide, it's game over!




MADE FOR THE ScoreSpace Jam 17


All sound effects not by me were found on [Freesound.org] and have a CC0, or Public Domain license


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does not start

i know about this issue, and i’m currently trying to troubleshoot it! I believe it has something to do with materials not loading and thus crashing the game. Hopefully i’ll have a fix out by tonight!

As of right now this issue has been fixed! The game had to be rolled back a bit to do so though, so some mechanics may not work as well. But it is playable!