Down the Helevator: Release Info!

Hello everyone, welcome to 'Down the Hellevator's first devlog! This devlog is mostly going to be release information on Down the Helevator!
For starters:

The release date is set to be sometime in late July, or early August!

While originally the game was going to be launched on the first of July, I delayed the release so that I could focus on polishing aspects of the game I felt were lacking, (Like boss battles!) as well as ensure the game is in the best state it can be in on launch. Now, you may be asking: What about the updated demo?

Currently, the demo available on the Itch page is severely outdated, as it's the version of the game created for the initial game jam entry. That's why I'm planning on launching an updated version of the demo soon! Fairly soon at least! This updated demo will feature a ton of things I couldn't add in the jam version. It'll introduce improved shops, more rogue-lite mechanics in the form of 'tokens', and boss fights, as well as a whole slew of different improvements to the inner workings of the games attack system. There will be a larger variety of enemies as well!

With that being said, I'm very excited about the future of this game as well as the stuff I haven't shown yet but will be revealed soon! For now, this concludes the first (fairly short) development log for 'Down the Hellevator'!

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