In an old alley you find an abandoned Nokia 3310. Turning it on, the only option available is to play a game. Out of curiosity, you start the game.

Stuck in a maze, you must find the keys and get out. But watch out, as you aren't alone, and your new friend is very, very hungry. Inspired by '3D Monster Maze', with creatures inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.



Up Arrow or 'num-pad-8'  - forward

Right Arrow or 'num-pad-4' - turn left

Left Arrow or 'num-pad-6' - turn right



A man somehow finds himself stuck in a maze filled with monsters. He must find the keys and get out.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withGodot, Aseprite, Blender
Tags1-bit, First-Person, Godot, Horror, low-resolution, maze, nokia, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes

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i love this, i made it all the way to the last 2 levels and then i died. i wasnt expecting it to be this good but it is suprisingly easy to understand whats going on in the game


I enjoyed the first two levels, then I saw it.  

I cannot play this kind of game, just too tense for me! I had to shut down the whole browser :)


Well-done - didn't think that the 1980's aesthetic would work on me but once I wasn't alone, the tension started building hard.

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Thanks! I'm honestly glad to hear that it worked as well as it did!


the eerie juxtaposition of an actively moving creature and the turn-based movement of the player


I made a live stream aboit this game jam and this game is in it

Warning: The downloads are bugged, and you get soft-locked at the first maze!! I can't fix this during the jam but it will be a priority post-jam! 


Ótimo game, bem nostálgico me lembrou os clássicos do console como doom e wolfenstein do snes, parabéns pelo trabalho, coloquei seu game no meu canal, da uma passada lá

Thank you for playing!
(Obrigado por jogar!)


such a pretty game



That is amazing and polished. Love the 3d idea and how you realized it. Remind me old wolfenshtein)

Thank you! =)


It's impressive how good you managed to make a 3d first person game with the limitations of the jam, good work!

Thank you so much!! :)


Woooow. 3D worked better than I expected. Great job! The pressure is real when you find out that you are not alone.


🔥🔥 Superb Chase!! I really liked this game :D

Thank you so much! =)


That was really cool!

Thank you so much!


Great to see the monster implemented! super fun game! 

Yeah, haha! Thanks!


Pretty good representation of a first person 3D perspective, considering the limitations! Nice work.

Thank you! Yeah, I'm happy with how the game turned out!


Really good man. Reminds me of a certain T-Rex, and equally terrifying :)

yeah, that was a big inspiration! Thank you! :)